Partner Churches

Partner Churches

Caring People from Local Churches Help Bring Families Back Home

Family Promise of Longview is grateful for local church congregations who partner with us. 

Churches can become partners in two ways:

  • As a host congregation
  • As a supporting congregationVolunteers drive families to and from the Day Center

Being a Host Congregation

Volunteer with a host congregation or encourage your church to become a host congregation!

These congregations provide an alternative to typical homeless shelters. Caring compassionate people provide evening meals and overnight housing for 1 - 4 families from 5:00 pm - 7:00 am for one week every 3 - 4 months. Volunteers prepare and serve meals, drive the van to transport families, set up and take down beds, and launder linens. These churches provide food and safe shelter for children and families who might otherwise be on the streets. 

Our interviewing and screening process for families includes background checks and drug testing. Families have committed to train and search for jobs, find permanent housing, and regain financial independence. 

Please encourage your church leadership to contact us about becoming a host congregation.

Thank you to all of our host congregations!

Volunteers prepare evening meals for children and families.

Being a Supporting Congregation

Supporting congregations provide financial support for the services provided to children and families. Without the help of these supporting congregations, we would not be able to help families accomplish their goals and become financially independent in a new home. 

These congregations may not have facilities to host families, but their support is equally essential and valuable! 

Please encourage your church leadership to contact us about becoming a supporting congregation.

Thank you to all of our supporting congregations!

If you are not affiliated with one of our partner churches, please consider volunteering and donating to support Family Promise of Longview.

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